Margo Weinstein


I am a traveler, intrepid adventurer, class-action lawyer, single mom, and debut author.

With a BA in Economics and Political Science from Yale and a JD from Northwestern University School of Law, I became a partner in a multinational law firm (BigLaw) and specialized in litigating class action lawsuits. At least twice each year, I escaped for adventure travels on six continents—rafting Class V river rapids, kayaking tropical fjords, battling baboons (while wearing only a towel), and confronting military juntas. But after my son Jake was born, my risk calculus changed, and my travel did too. I left the river rafts and ocean kayaks behind, and we took Disney Cruises. Then, searching for a better way to combine my wanderlust with motherhood, I gripped Jake’s hand and leaped. We landed first in Shanghai and then in Bali, living as expats and learning about new countries, cultures, and ourselves.

For decades, travel directed the course of my life and defined me. Then, travel abruptly stopped. Stuck in my high-rise condo in Chicago, I pulled out boxes full of old itineraries, journals, photos, and videos, and contacted old friends, travel companions, and guides. Then, with Jake attending virtual school down the hall in his bedroom, I sat down at my desk and wrote my travel memoir, Jalan-Jalan: A Journey of Wanderlust and Motherhood. Now, with the world slowly reopening, I am excited and ready to travel again, discover more about the world and myself, and gather more stories for my next book.

Jalan-Jalan Chapters and Travels

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